Invisible Beaded Weave Course
Invisible Beaded Weave Course
Invisible Beaded Weave Course
Invisible Beaded Weave Course

Invisible Beaded Weave Course

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Braidless Weave

Braidless Hair Extensions is a unique weaving procedure. It is define as a sew-in without normal cornrows. The tracking foundation is created with an extraordinary stitching method using needle and thread. The hair waft is incorporated onto the stitches. The stitches eliminates the braid. Therefore, you no longer have as much bulkiness. The technique is versatile.

Practical and Theoretical

Time:            1 Day (10.00 am – 3.00 pm)
Price:             $750 
Portfolio:      Live Models/ Blocks
Session:        One 2 One
Includes:       Braidless Weave Kit
Location:      Her Royal Hair  Studio

Deposit Required: $300 ( goes toward total course cost) 

Equipment Needed: All products and materials will be included in the kit on the day except training heads. (Training heads available on request for the purpose of the course only).

One 2 One Training at your salon 

This course is written to the National Occupational Standard

Course Content

  • History of Hair Extensions
  • Texture of Hair Extensions
  • Hair Properties
  • Hair Conditions and problems
  • Infection, Infestations and Disorders
  • Contra-Indications of Hair Extensions
  • Consultation
  • Client care and confidentiality
  • Sectioning
  • Braidless application
  • Maintenance
  • Removal
  • Aftercare
  • Health & Safety
  • Hygiene & Sanitation
  • certificate 

Braidless Weave Application

This is a worthy system if the clients are transitioning from a traditional weave. Since your own hair is no longer braided underneath the weave, you will have the versatility to wash, process, and treat your own hair with the extensions.

Weaving Needle        Comb

Weave Needle       image010


Duck Clips x4     Colour Ring    

Hair section clips    image012     


Thread             Hair Weft

Hand Tie Weft Making Thread    Brazilian Hair Extensions Straight 1pieces