New Clients

   Thank you for trusting me with your hair.

I am a licensed Como that specializes in all areas hair , specifically 3b-4c texture & Hair extensions. 

I have learn and mastered  my craft over my 8 years  of professional Hair Styling experience through continuous education within the beauty industry and at academia. My goal in my journey as a professional hairdresser is to learn as much as I can about the services that I provide to may clients, as it is my passion to provide the most value hair services to my clients. 

I have teach over 1,200 students in braidings services and hair extensions services. 


What Keeps Me Going ?

Not only is Hair my passion but I also enjoy helping women  look & feel their  their best.


What Do Your  Client Say ?

  1. "My hair has grown  dramatically since  I started to visit you".
  2. "You have gentle hands, I can’t even feel that my hair is being braided".
  3. "My hair extensions never full apart". 
  4. "Your Braiding technique  last long".
  5. "You are very professional but yet friendly , I enjoy coming to visit you".