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Braids may appear purely decorative, but their primary purpose is to protect the wearer’s hair from things like split ends, breakage and dryness caused by abrasive daily habits and exposure to the elements. Black hair, whether natural chemically treated, thrives when it’s left undisturbed in styles that require no heat and low manipulation, which is why many black women opt to wear their hair in braided protective styles.

Knotless box braids -

To achieve the look of knotless braids “by adding small amounts of hair to the braid as you go,” rather than starting out with a bulky, chunk of extension hair. it finish result looks like the hair is growing from the scalp with minimum tension applied. The knotless braiding method  is great for individuals with sensitive scalp that requires more gentle braiding application.


Regular Box Braids 

To achieve this look , braiding hair is attached to client natural hair. This method is now becoming less popular on the market as some client do experience hair damage from lock of tension control. When getting regular box braid it important to seek a master braider that is educated on tension control to avoid tension Alopecia. It important to know that regular box braids is not beneficial for all hair types , we provide free consultations prior to your hair appointment to help determine what braiding method is suitable for your natural  hair type.

Goddess Braids

Goodness braids are a form of braiding design that can be achieved  with knotless box braids , Regular box braids or stitched braids. it has the appearance of a soft feminine look to it making it one of the most popular braiding style in the braiding market.

Jumbo braid 

Jumbo braids are one of the oldest form of hair braiding in varies cultures. Women all around the world used this method of braiding as a form of protective style  or daily look. If you have high density hair and need a break from your everyday hair routine, then this is  the style to give you a week or two break. It has the less amount of tension  on scalp. It is  almost always achieved with feed in knotless braids.

Stitch braids

Stitch braids Are a form of braiding designs that is achieved by feeding in small pieces of hair extension. The finish result is a neat , clean, natural appearance braids.

Half cornrows /Half Box braids
Half Cornrows ,Half box braids is achieved by a combination of cornrows , or stitched at the front with box braids or knotless braids at the back. stylish neat style that can last  up to 4-6 weeks without hair damage.

Half Cornrows/ Half Crochet

This is a unique style that is achieved by a combination of braiding cornrows or stitched braid at the front portion of the head and doing a Crohet weave at the back , giving you a unique all occasion look.


Hair Weaving Services 

Lace Frontal / Lace Closure 

Lace frontal Sew in weaves are achieved by braiding Clients  natural hair down without any leave-out. We use weft hair extension  with a frontal  or closure hair piece to achieve a full head flawless look. The lace is undetectable giving you a  natural  scalp appearance.
Installations can last 3-4 weeks depending on client skin type and after care maintance. 

Difference  between frontals and closures :

Frontal are made to cover the entire hairline from ear to ear.

Closures are made to cover a portion of the hairline . Closures comes in  varies sizes, 4x4 being the smallest , 5 by 5 Medium size, & 6 by 6 being the largest  etc.

Sew in Leave-out Weave

a sew in leave out is achieved using weft hair extension . A portion of Clients natural hair is braided down , while some is left out around the head, allowing client to put their hair in ponytail.  This method is best for client's that are looking to grow out their natural hair without applying tension ,heat or over-manipulation of natural hair. Majority of finer  hair clients use this method as a seamless look is achieved.   This method also helps to decrease tension on the hairline and nape area.

Sew in Leave-out can also be achieved without leaving out natural hair around the hairline, hair is left only at closing of the stitch to cover the track of the weft .This method will only allow clients to style their hair in a lower ponytail. Majority of our 4c leave-out is achieve using this method.

Half cornrows / Half Weave

Half Cornrows , half weave is a combination of braiding cornrows or stitch braids  at the front of the hairline to the crown,  Weft hair Extensions  is stitched at the back.  This unique look  is suitable for everyday styles. Super stylish look.

Braid-less Sew in Rows (using silicone beads)

can be achieved using silicone beads to seal client natural hair , then weft hair extension is stitched on beaded row to give client volume and length. This method of hair extension provides less tension on hair strands and scalp, perfect for fine hair or low density hair. Installation last 4-8 weeks

Braided Sew in Weave - is achieved by braiding a small section of client's natural hair  weft hair extension is stitched  on the braid to give client volume and length. This method is suitable for course hair client . Installation last 4-8 weeks.