Hair Bundle FAQs

How Many hair is in a each bundle ?
Hair from Her Royal Hair comes in bundles weighing 100  grams per piece.

How Much Hair Will I need ?  
For a full head install, you will need 3 bundles if you’re using lengths shorter then 22 inches. For hair measuring 22 inches and up, it is recommend to use 4 bundles. For lengths 30 inches and longer you will need 5 bundles. Longer hair bundles have fewer strands per 100 grams.
When using a closure, between 3-4 bundles are recommended for a full volume look although 3 bundles can complete the installation.
When using a lace frontal, 3-4 bundles are recommended for a voluminous look although 2-3 bundles can complete the install. 
How Long Will The extension bundles  Hair Last ? 
With proper care, Her Royal Hair extensions bundles will last a year or longer. Lace closure usually last between 2-3 months. Because of the unique and delicate craftsmanship, lace frontals  have a shorter life span of 4-6 weeks or 1-2 uses, and typically need to be re-applied and strictly maintained in order to get the full wear.
Although frontals are versatile and flexible, Lace frontals are considered “temporary styles” due to the life span of the lace itself in comparison to a lace closure. 
Can I Color And/ Or Bleach The Hair? 
Yes. All Her Royal Hair bundles can be Colored, bleached , straightened, and curled. It recommend to regular color treat extensions after colouring. Treat your hair bundles as would with your own natural hair. Wash weekly, deep condition, and add hair serum regularly.