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Welcome to Her Royal Hair.

 My name is Shayla  and it been a passion and ambition of mine to create a truly accessible salon that serves the demanding and challenging hairstyling needs of women of all ages.

 I have developed the skill and knowledge acquire to provide excellent service in the art of hairstyling during my 7 years experiences in the hairstyling industry, four of them spend as the owner/operator of a licenced home-based salon in Winnipeg, MB and in Vancouver, BC.  I pride myself on skills that achieve amazing results with variety of hair types and textures, including silky, straight, curly, thick, coarse, or fizzy.

Hair Bundles… a life-long experience

 Not only does Her Royal Hair deal with hair bundles, I’ve worked them almost every day of my life, and they are a key part my identity. Throughout my teen and adult years, hair bundles have been my beauty secret.

 For many, it can be very frustrating finding good quality Virgin Hair bundles that are easy to maintain without shedding or tangling.  I’ve had both good and bad experiences with sourcing good quality hair bundles for my personal use and have discovered I can help many other women with this.  All of a sudden, I realized I had a unique and viable business!

 For this reason, I decided to establish Her Royal Hair as my exclusive brand  so all women have access to top quality Remy hair bundles & wigs that you can curl, straighten, dye at home or in a salon without any worries of damaging the hair cuticles.

Our Clients

 98% of our clientele are active users of our hair bundles, natural hair wigs, and variety of hair pieces. Clients wear hair bundles for a variety of reasons: it could be for protective style, a new look, hair loss, and more. Whatever their reason is, I take pride in providing clients with beautiful, realistic results while protecting their natural hair, for long and strong hair growth.

So, go ahead and purchase your top-quality hair bundle and step up your hair game entirely.

Beyond Luxury  hair, our mission is to inspire confidence and empower you to look and feel your best. Our customers are the centre of everything we do.  

We dedicate ourselves to being there for you, all the time. Need some hair advice? Want to request a new product? Just have a question? 

Whatever, whenever, we’re always here.

                Email us at sales@herroyalhair.com

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