Make Six Figures  Business.

Make Six Figures Business.

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Are looking to add a new service to your salon?

Looking to target a new audience ?

Are you looking to improve your skills?

Are you finding it hard to find the right BRAIDING course that gives your money's worth? 

We are here to help,  after many years of braiding and teaching stylist how to braid, I have now come up a braiding course that is suitable for all skills level. weather you are a beginner braider or intermediate braider , this is the perfect course to help you master your work and start making income Fast.

Why Should You  invest in this course? 

The truth is many companies  offer braiding Courses in online. However , these courses do not  focus on what braiding trends  makes the big bucks. they definitely do not teach you how to make  6 figures income with skill they are teaching.

They all  taught traditionally braiding methods that are not trending. Even cosmetology school , teaches braiding methods that are not trending, there's literally no market for the traditional braiding method they teach. It was  so frustrating, so I decided to help upcoming stylist to actually start to make Money from braiding. Yes you can make six figures  easy from your hair business, I have done it ! so can you.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a  fully accessible braiding course online, available to you 24/7.

- Coaching 

- Credit consultant 

- Building Your Six Figures Mindset

- Facebook MArketing and More  

Learn with a Master braider on your own time!

 Over 15 years of braiding  experience and the owner of braiding studio. She  also specializes with all hair types, specifically 3a-4c hair textures. So if you don't  have a lot of knowledge on textured hair, this is the opportunity to learn. You are literally getting a 15k-20k course value for only $3,994. Why is the price $3,994?, because I believe that it is very important for individuals like yourself   to  use your  practical skills such as hair braiding to create the lifestyle You desire and of course I want to see you succeed. Not only are you learning a skin , the course also teaches you  how to tap into the 6 figures mindset to make your dreams come through.

Course Includes:

  • Understanding the theory of braiding
  • Learning Three stands braids(box braids)
  • Cornrows on scalp
  • Techniques on parting
  • Tucking techniques
  • Gripping for Knotless
  • After Care
  • Dipping & cleaning the braids
  • Starting & Marketing your business  E com and How to start your braiding business, How to manage your time, How to make money fast with braiding, Goal Setting, and how to get repeated  clients).
  • The Six Figures Mindset Training 
  • Financial couching 
  • Completion Certificate  

At the end of this course , with a little work and practice, you will become an expert as this self-paced course is designed to help entrepreneurs open their own braiding business & make 6 figures with their business.