Braiding Class

Braiding Class

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Course Date Aug 16-27.

Hair styling and hair braiding is not a recent trend. The word Braid means a complex pattern created by intertwining three or more strands. A braid can be formed by any flexible material such as fibers, wire, thread, or hair. This course will cover all aspects and types of hair braiding.

This is a Two weeks hands on course - Mon - Fri. You will be learning with a professional hair stylist, who has many years of experience as a braider and hair stylist. specializes with all hair types.


Course Includes:

- Hands on training

- understanding the theory of braiding

- Learning Three stands braids(box braids)

- Cornrows on scalp

- Techniques on parting

- Tucking techniques

-  Gripping for Knotless

-  After Care

-  Dipping & cleaning the braids.

- Marketing your business 

- Certificate  

With a little work and practice, you will become an expert as this self-paced course is designed to help individuals who would like to do hair braiding on their own and for the aspiring hair braiders who would like to start a hair braiding salon.