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At Her Royal Hair, we promise to embrace the journey with you while delivering a quality education with real world experience.

Headquartered in Vancouver BC , our fully accredited program offers four career paths in: cosmetology, Natural hair ,Braiding, & Weaving.

Working under the direct supervision of Mastered Braider & Educator, our students apply their expertise and talent to provide quality services to the public.

Professional Brading Course Overview

Now you can specialize in a unique area of cosmetology, professional Natural Hair specialist , Braider , or Hair Extension Specialist.

A career as a cosmetologist , Natural hair specialist , Braider , or Hair Extension specialist is one of the few where you can enjoy a solid income and financial independence. After completing your training at Her Royal Hair Academy, you will have all of the professional skills you'll need to be a success.The Skilled teachers at the Academy are experts in Natural hair 3A-4C, Braiding , Hairstyling and Hair Extension Weaving.


We will provide all of the tools you need to complete the classes & program or programs .

We know that everyone learns differently, We will adjust our teaching to meet all students needs to help you succeed. With our caring community , we will strand by your side and guide your to success . We will provide you with hands on training , and real life salon experience along with essential industry and business knowledge .


We’ll explore the fundamentals of the business, coaching you in client relations, resumé building, networking and retail strategies.

To become a successful hairstylist you will need countless amount of practice on a continual basis so you can develop the speed, accuracy and confidence that you need to compete and excel.

We are here with you through out your journey with us.


Our programs are structured in individual on day Classes to 3 Month full time programs.

Monday- Friday 3 hour per day

- Full time course - 180 credit hours plus 20 hours of salon credit hours - 3 months plus two weeks salon credit hours .


- The History of Natural Hair 

- Infection Control Practices Principles for Personal &Professional Success

- How To Do A Professional Consultation Hair Types, Structure & Textual Differences 

- Hair & Scalp Disease & Disorders Basic Anatomy,

- Physiology & Nutrition Shampoo’s Conditioners, Herbal Treatments & Rinses

- How To Manage Textured Hair

- Hair braiding

- Hair extension/ Weaving

- Sculpted Cornrows with Feed-in Technique.

- Box Braids ,Stitched braids , & Knotless

- Basic natural a twist

- Enhancing Natural Curl


- Full Payment or Payment plan

Individual Classes- 8 hours - Full day Classes  focused  on specific areas such as;

 - Natural hair styling

 - Natural shampoo service

 - Enhancing Natural Curl

 - Natural hair on Scalp Cornrow

 - Box Braids/ Feed in

 - Stitch braids/ Feed in

- Knotless braid